Restrict customer information based on agent group

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Restrict customer information based on agent group

Post by nedmaj »

Hi everyone,

One of my clients needs to register some complaints (reports) in a way that the customer user identification is protected, but not anonymized. In other words, I need to restrict the customer information with something like an ACL based on an agent group. I think it's relatively easy to hide the AgentTicketCustomer and AgentTicketHistory actions. The CustomerInformation widget is also relatively easy to adapt to work with an ACL, with aditional development of course.

The problem is customer user information is all over the place. They are found in articles, dashboards and so on.

Has anyone faced a similar problem?

I'll apreciate any thoughts! :idea:
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Re: Restrict customer information based on agent group

Post by wurzel »


unfortunatly CustomerUsers are "global" for everyone, there are not restrictions to be made without additional features or coding.

I often struggle with GDPR settings (anonymize or delete or restrict customer (user) data)
I know commercial (expensive) modules for OTRS versions >6 but not for reports only, but for GDPR compliance.
Restricting customer (user) data for agents would be possible as well, but not for reports.

You might need to ask znuny (or other developers) here for possibilities. There is a add on for "editing articles" but I do not know if this is a possible solution for your request.

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