Fulltext search too slow (approx. 20 seconds)

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Fulltext search too slow (approx. 20 seconds)

Post by DavidS »


I have a problem with OTRS fulltext research. When I search a ticket number, that's quick (~2 seconds) but with text, I have more than 20 seconds to wait. I already set the research on staticDB and we've done the tasks

bin/otrs.Console.pl Maint::Ticket::FulltextIndex --rebuild
bin/otrs.Console.pl Maint::Ticket::QueueIndexRebuild

When I do a SQL request with text on Mime_data, it take 4 seconds but when I do the same with fulltext fields it's more than 20 seconds.

Could you help me what I have to check in my OTRS configuration ?

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Re: Fulltext search too slow (approx. 20 seconds)

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you need to tune your database and invest in faster disk I/O, Memory etc on your database server
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Re: Fulltext search too slow (approx. 20 seconds)

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are you using ticket archive?
If not, you should consider that. I got considerable improvements in search times although some searches (full text with several words) still take their time.
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