small patch for Kernel::System::Auth::Sync::LDAP

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small patch for Kernel::System::Auth::Sync::LDAP

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attached patch does two things:

1. In Kernel/, one can write:

$Self->{'AuthSyncModule::LDAP::UserSyncMap'} = {
UserFirstname => [ 'givenName', 'initials' ],
UserLastname => 'sn",

This way each agent's UserFirstname is set to her/his givenName and initials. Might be handy if you have a neat Active Directory and user names like "Felix" (givenName), "J." (initials), and "Ogris" (sn).

2. It saves all keys of UserSyncMap and their related values it got from AD/LDAP to the agent's preferences. IMHO the only way to pull in an agent's phone or fax number (or whatever you have in UserSyncMap) from LDAP or AD.

Patch is for OTRS 3.1.14, but might do on 3.0.x, 3.1.x, and 3.2.x as well.

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