Possible to uninstall KIX4OTRS?

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Possible to uninstall KIX4OTRS?

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We are looking at some of the features in KIX4OTRS as being very useful for us. However it seems like it makes a large number of database changes to OTRS. Is it possible to uninstall KIX4OTRS in the future? For instance, if CAPE-IT were to discontinue KIX4OTRS in the future we would not want to be stuck on a 5 year old version of OTRS. It seems to me that with the database changes that are done that an uninstall would leave some things broken. When we tested it we did not have the greatest success with uninstalling it (things were broken) but perhaps there is a procedure somewhere that we were not following.

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Re: Possible to uninstall KIX4OTRS?

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Of course it's possible to uninstall KIX4OTRS, it's - after all - an additional module of OTRS. If you uninstall it, you have to be aware that:
  • - you won't have any KIX-specific features anymore (examples: quick tickets, text modules, linking of CIs while creating a ticket)
    - you won't have the KIX-specific ergonomy changes (examples: queue tree, tabs within a ticket view or within the CI view, CI graph)
You will have just the classic OTRS with (if installed) further OTRS-modules.