Microsoft Teams integration for OTRS

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Microsoft Teams integration for OTRS

Post by tpsupport »

Hey there,

I wanted to share a project of me which goal is to enhance the capabilities of collaboration using MS Teams.
For this I made use of the incoming webhook app in MS Teams in order to send notification events from OTRS to a Teams Channel and found a project which already achieves this but was specific to Slack. So, I just reused this project and enhanced it with several configuration capabilities and built a package for OTRS for an easy installation.

Within Teams you can then comment the OTRS notification and involve others. This is a feature that really helped people in my company and reduced the flood of emails.

You are invited to contribute and further develop this feature with me.

See on Github:

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Re: Microsoft Teams integration for OTRS

Post by root »


Nice work. It inspired me to create an invoker for the GenericInterface.

- Roy
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Re: Microsoft Teams integration for OTRS

Post by skullz »

Great..I will test this out, play around with it..modify a bit..
At least now I have work/something to do during my country RMO.
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Re: Microsoft Teams integration for OTRS

Post by cbg »


I just tested it on my otrs 6 testing system but does not seem to work?

I started to edit the Teams::Notification Ticket type and set it to my default ticket type, which is default.

Also I added a connector the the default Raw queue.

Then I actiaveted the sender type. I just activated all ( agent, system, customer )

I left Notification View deactivated, since that causes the website to run into sever error. :lol:

Now, I should see in my connected teams channel a hint by the time an agent inserts a internal-note or am I missing something?
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