Unlocked ticket suddenly changer Owner

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Unlocked ticket suddenly changer Owner

Post by Ilmom »

Hello team,

I am facing ownership ticket problem :

when Lock time expire, unlock time reset by Misc and owner suddenly change. this is verry confusing and create many produtions issues and impactc :(

my need is to desactivate locking ticket function and make it Always unlocked so that no time reset or expire and owner still Always the same until someone else taket it or the same owner affect it to another one.

thanks in advance for your help !!!!!
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Re: Unlocked ticket suddenly changer Owner

Post by jojo »

Lock is a required funtion in OTRS and con not deactivated without any side effects. Also the owner does not change automatic because the ticket is unlocked, so please check if there is a generic agent configured which does so.

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