Asking good questions

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Asking good questions

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You may come here wondering why I, in particular, may answer your question with a search link.

Chances are, your question has been answered in the forum already, and chances are I have answered the question at least once, especially if I've posted a search link.

Now, you may say, "You're very arrogant to assume that! And my question certainly is new and not here!" -- all while you have posted some 3 messages total on this board and have a registration date of last Wednesday.

Admittedly, I don't know everything, and I'm sometimes even incorrect about what I do know, but I do know what has been asked multiple times, and I try very hard to make sure I source most of what I do answer. If it's really repeated, I try to create a howto about these things, though *any* first attempt should be to explain that you have read the docs and at least *tried* to search on Google or the forum for the answer, tried it and found it lacking.

I recommend anyone read (at least) Before You Ask before you start assuming the answers given are unhelpful.

Most of us do understand that there are different levels of competency with applications, and I'll personally do my best to help within the realm of OTRS on this forum, but it will help greatly to know that you're willing to let us know what you've tried and not been able to accomplish.

Also, please read my signature and visit the links. It'll likely help.
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