OTRS Upgrade version

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OTRS Upgrade version

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Hi, please anybody help me i'm upgrade my version 5.0.28 to 6.0.1; the web page load but i can't access with my username and password (they are correct) and not appear me a message that say me what is the problem.

i'm installed in other server the version 6.0.1 and i upgrade to 6.0.8 and all right, but i extracted the database from to otrs 5.0.28 with the mysqldump command (otrs.sql) and import to otr 6.0.8 with mysql command and all right, even load the webpage right; the user's, group's, and all configuration's is all right but the tickets appear me "This item does not have any items yet." Please anybody can tell me how i can upgrade version?
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