OTRS SSO via Auth0/OIDC/Microsoft Azure

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OTRS SSO via Auth0/OIDC/Microsoft Azure

Post by crythias »

If you want to use Auth0 for OIDC, it's not terribly difficult, but you do have to figure out a couple of things.

Within Auth0, set up a multi-page app.

Perhaps the most important issue I struggled with is that multiple OIDC providers probably won't work on the same box. Maybe someone can figure out, but because I had all one virtualhost/config, it just didn't allow me to filter one "app" on my OTRS box and then another "app" separately.

Maybe/maybe it won't make any difference to you, but what made it work for me is protecting the entire HTML DocumentRoot (/) and then unblocking where I didn't need OIDC. For good or bad, it's the same protection for the entire website except for the exceptions.

For the OTRS side, it's pretty easy to configure. Change Kernel\Config.pm to include (for agents):

Code: Select all

    $Self->{AuthModule} = 'Kernel::System::Auth::HTTPBasicAuth'; 
This is a banhammer type of config change. Agents now require to be authenticated (and with OIDC, won't actually be able to go anywhere anyway without the OIDC login)

in apache2 (httpd) / mods_enabled/auth_openidc.conf:

Code: Select all

OIDCProviderIssuer https://[youdsite].auth0.com
OIDCProviderAuthorizationEndpoint https://[yoursite].auth0.com/authorize
OIDCProviderTokenEndpoint https://[yoursite].auth0.com/oauth/token
OIDCProviderTokenEndpointAuth client_secret_post
OIDCProviderUserInfoEndpoint https://[yoursite].auth0.com/userinfo

OIDCProviderMetadataURL https://[yoursite].auth0.com/.well-known/openid-configuration

OIDCClientID [your client id]

OIDCClientSecret [APP Secret]
OIDCScope "openid email profile"
OIDCRedirectURI https://path.to.your.otrs.domain/

OIDCCryptoPassphrase MakeOneUpForYourself

OIDCCookiePath /

<Location />
   AuthType openid-connect
   Require valid-user
   LogLevel debug

<Location /otrs>
   AuthType openid-connect
   Require valid-user
   LogLevel debug
<Files "customer.pl">
   Satisfy any
   Require all granted
customer.pl being open to the world (if it makes sense to do that) so customers aren't locked out of being able to manage their own tickets.

Also may need to comment zzz_otrs in <Location /otrs>:

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            <IfVersion >= 2.4>
#                Require all granted
And I changed Kernel/System/Auth/HTTPBasicAuth.pm:

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    my $User       = $ENV{'OIDC_CLAIM_nickname'};

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Re: OTRS SSO via Auth0/OIDC/Microsoft Azure

Post by root »


I recommend using the proper configuration for OIDCRemoteUserClaim in the Apache configuration instead of modifying Kernel/System/Auth/HTTPBasicAuth.pm
By using this configuration the wanted claim's content - nickname - will be the content of httpd's REMOTE_USER

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