Forward Agent reply email to Customer

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Forward Agent reply email to Customer

Post by GregHeeley »

Internally our support staff all use email as primary contact medium.
We are looking at implementing OTRS to leverage its many benefits. However our main stumbling block is getting the workflow with eMail to work properly
the required workflow is

1) Customer sends mail to OTRS Picks up and assigns to Queue
2) Agent gets notification email.
3) 1st agent to reply to notification takes ownership.
4) Reply in (3) is either answer or RFI. This is to be forwarded to customer as if the Reply option had been used in OTRS ticket interface.
5) Reply to (4) by customer is to be treated as standard customer follow up.

Ideally I would like to assign the incoming agent email as Filter :-, Set Email Header:- SenderType=agent,ArticleType= email-internal (and then set owner).
If i send an email directly from to, then the filter works, but if I reply to an agent notification, then the filter is ignored.

Anyone have any suggestions on a way of getting the above to work?
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Re: Forward Agent reply email to Customer

Post by jojo »


as this question was discussed here several times you should have used the search.

OTRS is not designed to work via email as agent as this is not secure (every child can fake email sender)!

You have to use the followup OTRS Headers in this case
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