External OTRS Ticket

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External OTRS Ticket

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is there a best practice on how to deal with OTRS tickets from a foreign system that go into your OTRS?
We currently have the problem that one of our contacts is also using OTRS. The following happens:

- from our system (not OTRS) a request goes to the contact
- this request is processed in foreign OTRS
- the answer from the foreign OTRS is received with a ticket number in our OTRS
- Our OTRS will assign this answer to a wrong ticket based on the ticket number, because the number already exists in our system.

I looked at the prepared filter ExternalTicketNumberRecognition and understand it to mean that you can "swap" an external number into a dynamic field, but your own OTRS still sorts the ticket as a follow-up to an existing (wrong) ticket.

How can this be solved?
I already asked this question in the german forum, but unfortunately I didn't get an answer yet.
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