OTRS 6.0.24 - Master/slave plugin 6.0.21 issue

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OTRS 6.0.24 - Master/slave plugin 6.0.21 issue

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I am admin of an OTRS instance for a group of about 10 people. Unfortunately I cannot rely on my IT department for the configuration of OTRS and I am looking for help in this forum.

The OTRS version is 6.0.24 (Community Edition) and my question is about the Master/Slave plugin version 6.0.21.

Almost all functionalities announced in the documentation work fine. However, the main reason for using this plugin, is to be able to reply to all slave tickets from within the master ticket. This does not work. I should probably add that we are not using any backend for the Customer data/Customer users but we do for the agents.

When I create a master ticket, I add my own email address, and after the creation I add slave tickets. So far so good.

When I reply to the master ticket, my email address is shown and I do not add the email addresses of the slave ticket customers. When I send the reply, I get a number of emails on my email address, equal to the number of slave tickets + 1.

Can anyone help please ? Thanks in advance for your understanding.
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