Communications with status processing

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Communications with status processing

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Hello All,

I have few Communications with status processing With different dates in communications log.
All communications which they are stuck with status processing, they fetched 0 E-Mail. (sometimes, there are no E-mails in the inbox to fetch them)
This is a screenshot of one of the communication:
The last step, it must be: Connection to the server closed as in the following screenshot, but unfortunately in those communications it couldn't close the connection


Because of this issue, I am getting error in system log
There was an error executing Execute() in Kernel::System::Console::Command::Maint::PostMaster::MailAccountFetch: Error: Timeout of 600 seconds reached, killing child process!

And this error would be created a ticket with :
Subject: OTRS Scheduler Daemon Cron: MailAccountFetch
Text: Error: Timeout of 600 seconds reached, killing child process!

Note: i set up an E-Mail under:
The default value was root@localhost

OTRS: 6.0.16, OS: Ubuntu 18.4
Could please help me in this problem?

Thanks in advance

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