Notification After Generic Agent

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Notification After Generic Agent

Post by batemanj »

Hi Everyone!

We have a 5.0.15 OTRS ... working fine so far.
However I found an issue and I can't find out the issue.

A ticket is created on Queue A with Service X .... no problem
Generic Agent (triggered by TicketCreate) moves the ticket from Queue A to Queue B (and modify some other values, such as owner, SLA, lock?
That part works just fine


So far, this is working with several Generic Agents I have (around 10)

The issue is that that last event "TicketDynamicFieldUpdate" suppose to trigger a Notification.
It works with ALL Notifications, except 1.
The Notification that isn't working, I even copied-paste it from another one that is working. Still no working.

The only different thing for both notifications is the owner/destination for the notification.

It even works if I change that "Notificado" field manually (from Agent Free Text window). When I change it, it sends the notification. But when the Generic Agent does it, it doesn't send the notification.

I don't know what else to try.

Your help is reaaaaaaaly welcome

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Re: Notification After Generic Agent

Post by rainerb »

I've got the same Problem. I hope anybody can help...

I even tried to send an email via customer module in the generic Agent, but until now I doesn't work yet.

Best regards
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Re: Notification After Generic Agent

Post by poncho »

This seems to be a general problem. In OTRS 6.0.9 this issue still exists.
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Re: Notification After Generic Agent

Post by reneeb »

Did you enable "Sending notifications" in your Generic Agent? If this isn't enabled, the event isn't triggered...
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Re: Notification After Generic Agent

Post by christianclavet »

Can you check the ticket history? You should see if the notification was triggered. Also your user might have unsubscribed from the queue. I would check the users preference to be sure the queue is in the subscribe list.
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